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Default Re: Looking to upgrade my Receiver

I'd look at th okyo 607 rcvr. It provides just about everything you need in a receiver at a very affordable price.

Here's quote regarding the Onkyo 607;

"Onkyo's TX-SR607 A/V receiver: Amazon has this beefy receiver marked down to $494 (from $599), but if you go through to the end of the checkout procedure you’ll notice that the price drops even further—to a tidy $419.90 (hit the Free Super Saver shipping button so shipping costs go away). Not bad for a receiver that gives you 7.2 surround, includes the latest Dolby PLIIz “height” speaker application, lossless Blu-ray audio decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and Faroudja DCDI Edge video processing".

So, you can look at this onkyo rcvr that seems to meet your needs;

Then , there's the 706, Onkyo's "mid-range" receiver that's one step up.

Good luck,
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