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Originally Posted by tomtedbear View Post
Anyone have comments on the reflectivity of the Samsung LEDs? My living room has six south-facing windows and 3 that face west so it's very bright. I read that the older Samsungs were more reflective than the Pioneer Kuro, which is what I had planned to buy. Oops on the Kuro.
They reflect about as heavy as an LCD possibly can. And yes, these "LED" sets are "LCD" sets with LED back lighting in case anyone does not understand that. These are great sets but the have a very glossy coating and they do reflect. The black levels are outstanding for LCD and so is the color.

Unfortunately, Samsung's entry level 720p plasma has a better picture. That is just how it is....sorry to say......

Plasma is still impossible to beat with LED.....LCD....or a PHD......
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