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Default Re: Should I buy a KURO PDP-5010FD 50-inch Plasma HDTV

Kloneman probably needs a dual kornea transplant.

I do agree part of the Samsung screen "washout" effect I saw standing equidistant from the Samsung LED and Kuro was the non-ideal off-axis viewing of the LED. Under normal circumstances I'd be directly in front of the TV so this was not really a fair assessment. And yes, from off-axis, the Kuro looked better to me.

It should also be noted I prefer "Pure" (picture) mode on the Kuro which I gather is not the most popular "viewing mode" with most of the general public. There are other picture modes (e.g. Optimum, Performance, Sport) which seem to increase color (over?)saturation. I suspect the standard default video modes for the Kuro on display are non-optimal for the typical Best Buy viewing environments.

As far as TV life is concerned, I won't be surprised if the Kuro (or any LED display) outlasts me. If I get 10 years out of it, I'll be happy. I expect there will be yet another generation or two (or three...) of technology development which will tempt me to replace the Kuro before it craps out.

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