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Default Re: Insurance for home theater equipment???

To all who believe they are covered, check your policies - the ugly little secret is that many policies (as does mine) cap A/V coverage at a measley few thousand dollars - I may have that much in cables. When I did the math on replacement cost - I was SHOCKED at what it will cost to replace. I have electrical surges covered, but we get hurricanes here and fire is a risk everywhere, as is theft - the weight of a 100 lb component will NOT deter a thief that understands its value.

My policy is capped at a few thousand, replacement cost is WELL into 5 figures, and increasing contents coverages does NOT change the cap on A/V. Check your policy / talk to your agent as suggested by the former agent in this thread. And if anyone can tell me where to buy a rider (my current company does NOT offer an A/V rider), I'd be grateful. One suggestion I heard was a fine arts policy in combination with a detailed inventory and an appraisal. Thoughts from those in the know are welcome.
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