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Default Re: Insurance for home theater equipment???

The last post is correct in the most important way. I would not buy AV insurance either. If your homeowners insurance leaves you feeling empty and concerned about your stereo how do you think it is giving you peace of mind about the asset that really matters, the house that it is housed in! There are policies that have named exclusions which cover quite a bit and yes, I have processed clients claims where they have walked out with stereo items heavier than your Krell along with the entire safe holding the other valuables in the home. I have taken claims for tv's and stereos that were fried when the homeowners were not at home as well so it does not have to be on during a storm. There are instances where damage can be caused by homes with grounded receptacles as well. And I have seen many people that were very upset when they found that none of this was covered but I have also helped find coverage in the correct places when possible as well.
Fortunately, none of them were my clients for if your agent is doing his job he will make you aware of what is covered and what is not. And there are many ways as listed below to protect your equiptment for some of the perils not covered on your policy but there are so many people out there that do not realize how damaging brown outs or power sags are to your equiptment just as the spikes are. Call your insurance agent and then call your audio/video professional to make sure all perils that concern you are covered. Always remember that if possible always get the insurance policy that names only the exclusions and not the one that only covers the names perils if at all possible. Also, ALWAYS make sure you have replacement cost coverage so that if you do I can go on forever about how to protect your gear which it looks like I already have.
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