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Default Re: Insurance for home theater equipment???

No. No. Most people don't understand that no one is going to drive into your stereo and you aren't going to crash it. So the question is someone going to steal it or is it going to be damaged. If someone breaks into my place what is the chance they are going to take one of my mono 100 pounds amps (krell 250M).So what is the chance of the last item: electrical strike or voltage surge. Well I am 100% that every house made in the past 20 years have a ground. If not, spend the money on a good ground. Assuming their is a major electrical storm going on, how many of you are going to be playing a high end stereo. Most stuff lasts for many years after the 1st year of operation (aka infant mortaility) and when it goes or before it goes, you probably want to upgrade it. Have you discussed with an insurance agent what you are going to get if it is damaged by electrical storm. ASk about the $5k Krell 250M as what they will pay you and what type of proof you will need. Thus, in my opinion, just get a Furman that tells you your voltage and don't waste your money on AV inssurance..
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