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Default Re: what projector for my theater?

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
I don't have any first hand knowledge like you, but I am curious to know what type screen you are using and what your light control situation is. Those are very important issues when dealing with a fairly low light output projector. The reason for asking is if you look at projector centrals calculator they don't go above a 96" wide (110" diag) screen for the VPL-VW100 projector and at the 96" width they recommend a high gain screen. The 200 also shows low brightness at 123" diag, btw, but it does up the lumens from 800 for the 100 to 1,000 for the 200.
I do not have lighting issues in my theater room. I have no windows, flat black walls & ceiling, black carpet, black granite and black leather furniture.

I have never thought I have low brightness issues either. At the time I bought it, the 100 had the best 1080p picture that I had seen on a projector. I am using a custom sized stewart screen.
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