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Default Blu-ray and HD DVD in one box

I had a conversation with an advertiser of mine who personally built a media center PC with both Blu-ray and HD DVD in the same chasis.

He used the drive from an Xbox 360 and an off the shelf BR drive. He said the video card was $60 - amazingly and that the system unlike earlier versions of his creation used like 19% of the computer's processing - not more than it had.

Computer geeks might be onto something here assuming you have the guts to use a PC for your home theater. I say "why not" my BR and HD DVD players as much as a PC and until Steven Jobs has a player for me with the Mac interface - its going to take making frankenstein-like systems above for people on the cutting edge.

Tell us about your home theater PC rig and what you are doing with it (the legal parts)
Jerry Del Colliano
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