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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Way back when, I encouraged my mother to buy a pair of KEF 103.2 $950 at the time, and she has kept them ever since. I keep thinking she'll want to change, but I gave up a couple of years ago and bought a pair (used for $300) myself. The corssover board was cracked in one of the speakers, so I removed it and sent it in to a shop in Ohio (I think, can't remember exactly). Came back epoxied and good as new. They are very room sensitive - I've got a Primaluna in a small formal living room which does not suit them well (mainly room, I think), and a larger room with vaulted ceiling that loves them (even though they are driven by Denon HT receiver). My other speakers are Vandy 1Cs, kit speakers, and NHT Classic Twos. They are better than all three. Fantastic deal on used market - don't know why they aren't snapped up more often.

BTW, my mother is driving them in an apartment living room with a Prmare CDI-10 (CD Receiver, Class D amplification) with GREAT results. They also sounded great with a ROTEL 1062 integrated and NAD 541 CD player.
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