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Question Need advice on room setup

I have a bonus room where I want to install a home theater. The side walls are trapezoid-shaped and I want some advice on how this might affect acoustics, etc. I am in no way an expert on acoustics, but I do want the best compromise between form and function. Basically I want a "built-in" look. I designed this setup based on visual aesthetics only. There is not a large enough flat surface to mount a large TV, so I designed the unit shown in the pics.

I haven't picked out the actual components that I will use yet. The attached pics are based on a random 65" plasma I found on a retail website. The rest of the pictured components are the one I have on my existing (low-budget) system. The unit will be framed out with drywall and painted to match the room. I will have a remote repeater system so the cabinet doors can remain closed during operation. My main concerns are:

1. Acoustics - by "building forward" a wall in the center of the existing wall, two recess are created. do these recesses create any potential for echo or some other unwanted acoustic effect? If so, how can I fix it?

2. Ventilation - I thought about installing a pair of fans on either side, one blowing in and the other out, to create a "blow-by" current. The cabinet as designed has large holes cut for cables and ventilation; I thought about adding holes on the side that would extend to the exterior surface of the unit for the fans.

3. Subwoofer placement - the most aesthetically pleasing place would be to have the subwoofer surface mounted in the right-hand side of the unit. In the pictures you will notice a door for access to the cavity in the back. I could put the sub underneath this door and cut the interior cabinet around it. The other idea I had was to put it inside the front cabinet in the middle section (the empty section in the picture). I would then have to make the cabinet doors shorter so the middle section is exposed even with the doors shut.

4. Front and surround speaker placement - I thought I would just mount them on the slanted part of the ceiling. I read somewhere that the speakers should be mounted at the same height as the center speaker, which I have chose to place above the TV. With the size and shape of the room (the floor is 19.5' x 21'), would I benefit from a 7.1 system over a 5.1?

Attached are renderings of my idea. There is a computer desk in the back right-hand corner of the room and the furniture is how I currently have it arranged. I do not plan for this to be an extremely expensive setup. I am willing to pay what it takes, but I will be buying the components one at a time as the money comes in. It will probably take me a while to do this.
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