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Cool Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

I own a pair of Infinity RS IIIB's (2 10" Poly woofers, poly mid, EMIT tweeter) that I have had since I bought them in Germany in 1988. The woofer surrounds deteriorated over time, and I thought I would have to finally give up my beloved speakers. I listened to newer speakers hundreds of times, even auditioning in my home to find the perfect replacement. I eventually spent a little money and a little time and refoamed the woofers myself. A little research (and an incredibly friendly Ebay seller) went a long way.

They function as my L/R in my surround system. I have never found another speaker that makes "the sweet spot" any sweeter in 2 channel listening. They match my center and surrounds superbly (to my ear) in 5.1.

The oak cabinets have held up remarkably well for being moved from Germany to Colorado to Korea to Washington. They are practically bulletproof.

IMHO speakers are the only major component in a modern home theater that actually require the buyer to listen before buying. All the bench testing in the world won't tell you how the speakers sound to YOU - in your own home.
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