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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

Originally Posted by JDevine760 View Post
I received mine about a week ago. Picture is wonderful, sound quality fantastic!! It is definitely NOT REGION FREE...and cannot be made region free (hint to previous Oppo owners). It looks good, has an ethernet port to connect it to the internet (must purchase a "game adapter" in order to do this)...and two USB ports which can be used to plug in flash drives, or external hard drives which (if formated with FAT rather than NTSF) can be used to read movies, photos and music stored on the hard drive.
All-in-all an excellent machine and even though a tad slower loading than the PS3, is still fast and does a terrific job on regular DVDs and a superb job on SACDs and DVD-Audios as well.

John D.
So with an external HDD connected, what kind of movie files can it play?
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