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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

I just bought the new 2000 model, and it really impresses me - the blacks on my TV now equal the black pitch of the TV frame (Mitsubishi Diamond Series), and are no longer flecked with gray and white specs - the screen melds with the TV frame.

As far as the customer service complaints - I had some initial disappointment - the product shipped with no power cords, but, they shipped me new cords the next day. Stuff happens - somone overlooked the packing process, but they fixed it right away. I bought through a distributor, so they dealt with PurePoer, but the problem was fixed right away and I'm satisfied.

I have 3 dedicated 20 amp AC circuits for my home theater, but because of the missing power cords, had to initialy run all components from one circuit - the PurePower 2000 was linked to the AC circuit through a PS Audio Duet acting as an extension cord. We're talking a Classe SSP600, CA-5200 (200W), CA-301 (300W), the Mitsubishi TV, DVD, CDP, 7 channels and the biggest beast of a sub-woofer B&W sell (1500W).

The 2000 ran them all without a complaint.
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