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Unhappy Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

ha ha ha *Sarcastic* well my view of vintage is that they are rare to come across, and that they for one sound much better than half the modern rubbish iv had over the last few years. i did how ever have some really old pre 1980s marantz speakers. but some dim wit visiting one day decided to poot a boot through them and damage them something cronic! i have the orginal speaker badge around some where and when i find it ill buzz you and let you know and see what you say to that. plus i used to own a pair of 1970 something Bang & Olufsen speakers but that was a while back that i cant even remember the model.

and as a last after thought though, would you agree that speakers before the 90's were of better quality than some of the stuff today????????? :P

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