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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Originally Posted by mcroachy View Post

I own a pair of Technics SB-X5 speakers which are currently connected to their original Technics FM/AM stereo reciever SA-300, all of which are in mint condition. Which all use to belong to my uncle and i inherited them from him, before he nearly took them all to the DUMP!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!

I also have recently just aquired a cute wittle pair of SONY APM-100 speakers which i use with my laptop connected to a home made mini amplifier i made especially for them and they whistle and hum in greater harmony than some of the modern crap we get these days.

I must say that i myself am quite the "audiophile" and resort to vintage to late 80's audio technology for their toughness and quality which now'a days is hard to beat sometimes

here's pics of them.

Sony speakers...? Technics speakers...? THAT's vintage hifi to you? Arrrgh! Those brands were terrible then, and no better today. They were sold at Sears and Circuit City. No self-respecting audiophile would touch speakers made by electronics makers like Technics, Sony, Panasonic or Kenwood; we knew that they sold the brand licenses to 3rd parties which made crap speakers for the boom-box set.

Now AR, Cerwin-Vega, Polk; those brands were '80s budget audiophile speakers we could get into.
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