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Default Re: Poll: Best motion picture Surround Soundtrack?

I had say Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, its usage of sound and atmosphere is tremendous throughout the film. Narration is good also in the opening with clear easy to understand dialogue that will soon be rudely awakened by a nuclear missile impacting above ground zero.

The use of panning sound effects creates a believable realism when the hovering flying thingy is flying around inside the building. Since the last paragraph, Iíve decided to play the film at a softer level as Iíve heard it too many times along with Saving Private Ryan and Fight Club plus a few hundred more.

The system is reasonable calibrated with JBL all around the fronts are all matched JBL Control 5 with a DCX2496 (loudspeaker management system) for the fronts.

Timbre matching down the sidewalls JBL surrounds Control 1 though to the centre back and an array covering the ceiling for extra warmth and dimension.

Chapter 7 when Kate, answers the door with a slight buzzing to the left and partly centre with the DCX its more to the left then pans over to the centre. ďItís Hercules.Ē This goes nuts when the Terminator turns up only to start a shooting frenzy and you know its going to get louder along with more complex surround ricocheting off walls bullets whizzing though the air and small terminal nuclear explosion turning the night into a great action adventure.
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