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Default Re: McIntosh Offers Trade-Up Program on McIntosh Gear

Guess what ? Seems that the MX130, which I have always regarded as being my 'preamplifier', is actually named by McIntosh as an A/V Tuner Control, while others in the trade still refer to it as a Remote Control Preamplifier, and as such, does not qualify under the current McIntosh Trade-In Program terms. So sadly I have come to the end of the road with McIntosh, for when the McIntosh 'dealer' did not bother to respond last year, I eventually acquired a Pioneer Elite VSX -94TXH A/V Receiver to go with my Pioneer Elite Kuro Plasma HDTV, which has effectively relegated the McIntosh almost into retirement anyway. I was on the other hand prepared to sell the 94TXH if it were possible to do a trade for the MX120/136 under the program, but that's it. All my McIntosh components and speakers might just as well go up for sale ASAP.

To those of you who still remain McIntosh aficionados, you maybe interested to learn that a MX130 and $7,500Cdn will get you a MX120, and the MX130 plus $9,500Cdn will get you the MX136.

These Marketing types really have a way with weasel words, don't they ? The MX120 is described by McIntosh as an A/V Control Centre, and so it turns out that while you can trade for a MX120 with a preamplifier, you cannot trade with an older version of an A/V Control Centre.
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