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Default Re: McIntosh Offers Trade-Up Program on McIntosh Gear

I bought my first McIntosh product in 1976 and later expanded it and then shortly afterwards I entered into retirement. Still wanting to remain with McIntosh for my audio equipment but now being on a reduced fixed income, I then bought a total McIntosh component system including four surround speakers and a sub-woofer but from AudioClassics. When this promotion first appeared last year, I enquired about trading-in my MX-130 pre-amplifier for the more recent MX-120 from a local McIntosh dealer, who took down all the details and was supposed to get back to me. I never heard from him again.

So, as far as I am concerned, it matters not that it still remains a McIntosh product no matter how you acquire it, be it from a McIntosh dealer, AudioClassics or from another McIntosh aficionado, McIntosh can be rather disingenuous when it comes down to recognising who essentially their customers really are. I quite frankly regard it all as a betrayal.
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