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Angry Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
HD DVD's war chest is 150 million.
Well they seem to have spent their war chest on Paramount!

"Paramount Drops Blu-ray Support; Does Not Include Spielberg Movies

Posted August 20, 2007 by Josh

Paramount Despite selling more movies on the Blu-ray format, Paramount has announced today that they will begin supporting HD DVD exclusively. This move, rumored to be driven by a $150M exclusivity deal with the HD DVD group, comes after Paramount began favoring Blu-ray releases with higher quality video encodings and more HD features. The deal covers all of Paramount's properties excluding those directed by Steven Spielberg.

The move will inevitably lengthen a format war which should never have been. Consumers will unfortunately suffer the most, as they will be forced to support a format which is being supported by corporations instead of consumers. No word was given as to how long the exclusivity agreement is for, but rumors indicate through 2008.

High definition enthusiasts can now only hope that a DVD-A/SACD situation hasn't been initiated by this decision.

This is not good news, all this will do is prolong the format war.
I can almost hear Bill Gates cheering, he wants optical discs to go away completely so he can sell us downloads!
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