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Talking Re: J Rock!!!!

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
But where would they rank in the all-time listings?

Mick Abrahams has a pretty loyal following, as the guitar-playing founder of Blodwyn Pig.

But he is better known as the guy who left Jethro Tull after their first album, because he didn't like Ian Anderson's push for a new musical direction... which then evolved without him, in the form of Benefit, Aqualung and Thick as a Brick (plus their enormously successful concert tours.)

Do you honestly feel that Blodwyn Pig's album holds up to the music that Jethro Tull released AFTER Mick left the band??

Hi David,
And thanks for your response. As to where I would rank Blodwyn Pig that is a rough one <smile>. But no, I definitely would not rank them above Tull. I do have to question some of the rankings such as Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Black Eyed Peas, The Jackson Five, and The Carpenters for instance. Part of this I would readily admit is my own personal bias. People tend to stick with what they liked when they were in their teens and twenties and I am older than dirt (that would explain STP, Rage, and the Black Eyed Peas). The J5 and Carpenters, whew, I guess I just don't think of them as being very ground breaking. I love seeing some of the stuff on here that informed my eclectic musical taste, eg. Deep Purple, Kansas, The Kinks, Steely Dan, and Zappa. Then once again I guess I am showing my age as there are some that I have never heard of - No Doubt, Orbital, Underworld, and The Orb. I have been living under a musical rock since 1980 with a few exceptions. IMHO, the golden decade of rock was 1965 - 1975. One of the more interesting lists that I have seen, however. Sure beats the hatchet job from Rolling Stone Mag.
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