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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

I ordered my BDP-83 the day it became available to those signing up for early interest. I received it on May 14. It is a superb unit. Mine does not suffer from any of the quirks of the Beta versions...except one: It will not play HDCD-encoded CDs properly, either failing completely to pass the HDCD portion of the data through HDMI or coax/optical digital output, or, in many cases, passing it intermittently, causing audible "clicks" in the program material which coincide with the HDCD flag on my receiver's display going on and off. The player's display continues to indicate there is an HDCD disc in the machine, but the circuitry seems to have trouble locking on to the encoded portion of the signal. I have written to OPPO about this, and I have no doubt it will be dealt with expeditiously. This is otherwise a superb player, and to have another way of playing all of my other discs is a plus. And it runs very, very cool.
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