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Unhappy Re: World's First Region-Free Blu-ray Disc Player from Momitsu

If you ask me,the people responsible for imposing the Region 1 and Region A only condition in order for OPPO to be able to sell their products in North America are a bunch of pitiful paranoid a..holes.Most people prefer to buy region 1 DVD'S for various obvious reasons,including the possibility of reselling their DVD'S.There are only a few DVD'S that never seem to be processed to become region 1 NTSC format that people want to get their hands on.Mostly coming from Europe and possibly from the Australia,New-Zealand area.If they would have made it possible for OPPO to at least include these regions in order to avoid counterfeit and cheap priced DVD'S from Asia,that would have been fine by me.Oppo should at least have insisted on that point in order to give us a near perfect versatile Blu-Ray-DVD Player.Is it possible to modify this restriction.
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