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Default Blu-Ray: RIP

DVD's Still Dominant Over Blu-ray and Downloads

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"The “Entertainment Trends in America” report update from NPD Group this March shows that 63% of consumer entertainment media spending is still going towards DVD's, beating Blu-Ray spending and downloads by a wide margin."

Hey, Sony: Your Blu-Ray format will soon join the Consumer Electronics Highway of product failure Roadkill. You, Sony, already have many rotting, stinking electronic bodies on the consumer electronics highway of product failures.

Hmmmm, lets review your consumer failures: (1) BetaMax: (2) ElCassette; (3) MiniiDisc; (4) The Walkman you never developed into an iPod or an iPhone (Your management focused on cassette tape media instead of SSD media); (5) itunes - It killed your CD business and made your purchase of Columbia worthless; (6) SACD; (7) HD Radio (No one cares about HD Radio). Need I go on?

Your senior managers are incompetent: The majority of your customers don't have a TV at home larger than 42" and there is no difference to Joe and Susie Sixpack between an upsampled 480i to 720p or 1080p on a 42" Vizio LCD and an 1080p Blu-Ray on the same 42" Vizio. And do you think they are REALLY going to hear a difference between the higher sampling rates of Blu-Ray audio on the $500 HTIB's you are selling to these people?

If your management really believes the average Joe and Susie Sixpack really care about 1080p and the higher audio sampling rate of Blu-Ray on ther 42" LCD and $500 HTIB, they are suffering from a terminal rectal-cranial inversion!

While those of us who post on this forum are passionate about high-quality video and high-quality audio, in reality, we are just a flea on the ass of an elephant when it comes to those who purchases your products.
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