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Default Re: MC2102 Tube for a MC402 Transistor

Originally Posted by Mcintosh Man View Post
I'm presently in the process of exchanging a MC2102 Tube Power Amp for a MC402 Transistorized Power Amplifier via the McIntosh Trade-Up Program. Hopefully the deal will go through.

The reason behind this is: I have two system, one Home Theater and one 2 channels stereo and I want to merge both systems.
My 2 channels Sterreo is almost never playing as the Home Theater is so good now so I had to take a though decision.
A tube Amp is not convenient (also cost of operation) to listen to FM Radio and Home Theater.
I decided to let go the tubes after many years of happy listening, hopefully I will not regret it.
The MC402 is a great amp. I think you'll be happy with it when you get it.
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