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Default Re: Playstation 3 Review

Originally Posted by pfslai View Post
Anyone know whether there is a difference between the 80 and 60 gig version of PS3? It would seem that the 60 gig is probably better value since supposedly the user can change the harddrive. However, sony must have thought about this?
From my understanding the only differences between the 60G & 80G is
1. A $100 price difference
2. The hard drives size (DUH!)
3. The 80G lack of the "emotion engine" chip which means PS1 & PS2 games will need software added to the PS3 before you can play them on a PS3.
This cuts the manufacturing cost for Sony & is only a problem for those with an extensive back catalog of PS1 & PS2 games.
4. The 80G also comes bundled with Motorstorm

There are rumors that once the 60G stock is depleted it will be discontinued & the 80G will be reduced in price to $499 (without Motorstorm bundled).

So if I was buying a PS3 right now I'd save the $100 & get the 60G especially since I already have Motorstorm.
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