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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

Thank you Bob for coming on and addressing this issue of customer service at Purepower.

Its funny how "sales" is sometimes confused with "service". When I had my problems with customer service I wrote and asked a question as if I were purchasing the unit and got an immediate response. This was not "service" it was a push to sell more product.

To this day I still have not received closure to the issue that I had. And I am one of the dissatisfied people who wrote up in the Purepower keeps getting my recomendation forum. Some of the others who complained maybe did so because they felt the merits of the product vs the price was an issue. This was not the case with me. I could write as a owner of the product. A person who had tried multiple times in many polite and documented emails to try and get my problem fixed; who received NO response on multiple occasions.

Please do not confuse your answering of "sales" questions as service. True service comes after a product has been purchased and keeping that customer happy which results in return business and many good recommendations.
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