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Cool Re: Newbie 42'' LCD/Plasma SD/HD purchase question

TC-P42u1 is the bottom end of the Panasonic 1080p Plasma range.

Step up to the TC-P42S1 and you add the new "Neo-PDP" with 40,000:1 native contrast (2 mil:1 dynamic) (its much brighter)

Step up to the TC-P42G10 and you add THX mode with more accurate colors and more color calibration settings.

Coming at the end of May, step up to the TC-P42V10 and you add 96p display of 24p source movies for complete freedom from film judder.

That is the complete line up for 2009 42" 1080p Plasmas from Panasonic.

All are better than any LCD in a dimmer movie viewing environment.
All have perfect motion handling with no blur and no artifacts at all.

If you plan to watch in bright daylight window backlit room, you need to step up at least once to the Neo-PDP displays for the increased brightness.

Unless you are a true hardcore video file, I'd suggest the TC-P42S1 as the safest and cheapest bet.

Always check the TV in person to see if you are susceptible to seeing phosphor lag (color trails created by the different decay rate of the different phosphor elements) Most people are not and never see them, just like some people never see the blur created by LCDs sample and hold.

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