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Question Newbie 42'' LCD/Plasma SD/HD purchase question

I'm sorry if this is a naive compound question but I'm looking at a couple of TVs. First generically speaking (since I like IFC and Sundance and smaller films) is there a superior 40-42'' on the market that will have decent SD coverage or are all HD (LCD-LED/LCD-Plasmas) TVs at this size comparbly terrible for SD broadcast? Secondly the TVs I'm looking at (or willing to take alternative suggestions) (1) The Panasonic 42'' 1080p Plasma (TC-P42u1) TV at only 899 here in NYC. At the double the price but seductively featured and well reviewed (hard to find a specific TC-P4 Pan review) 40'' LED/LCD un b6000. and then the LG 42lh40 42'' 1080 LCD (1299) and Samsung 40'' 1080 LN40B550 at 934. I know there will be variations in the prices and am more interested in your superior qualitative opinions. Once again forgive this first (longish) post. My best. dennis
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