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Bob Rapoport
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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

Hi and thanks for your post and comment. Try as we might to never drop the ball or make a mistake, it happens. For those who it happens to, it must seem like we have poor customer service. However, we are not that kind of people; we do our best to make everyone feel as though they are getting personal attention in real time and a solution to their problem, whatever it is. We regret those mistakes, they make us feel terrible until we get it right and we never fail to do that, no matter how long it might take.

This morning, I got a nice email from a consumer in Singapore who is considering purchasing, sent an email quetion about how much PurePowr he might need. This is how most people percieve us:

"Thanks Bob for the prompt response. Its a sign of a company that puts customers' interests first and its greatly appreciated.

As discussed in another email thread, I have spoken with Ray in Singapore and will be visiting the new premises in East Coast Road next Tuesday to place an order for the Pure Power. I am sold on it even before any auditions because it just makes so much sense from all points of view - sound, protection, maintenance, etc etc. It truly is one of the no-brainer purchases in audio.

I will still appreciate Damian's audit as it will give me a definitive answer on whether I can plug my Krell amp into the PP 2000i together with the rest of my system. If Damian can address that in his audit it will be much appreciated."

I think we get it right most of the time now. We apologize to those we ****ed off, for whatever reason, and hope you give us another chance. Our product is worth it.

Bob Rapoport
Sale Director, PurePower
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