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Originally Posted by Cata12 View Post

LIVE HD is live video but I am streaming pre recorded aswell in HD format. The technology is simple: I am using a broadcasting software which allows me to set the bitrate (from 100 to 960), up to 60 frames per second and at least 200kbs for upload speed.

As for the computer requirements here is a recommendation:
-Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or
higher or
-Windows Vista (any)
-Intel Pentium® 3 or compatible processor;
933MHz or higher; (minimum)
-Intel Pentium® 4 or compatible processor;
3GHz or higher; (recommended)
-256MB RAM minimum; 1GB recommended
-40MB hard disk space
-1024 x 768 Screen Resolution with 32 bit Color
-Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version
-Microsoft DirectShow-compatible video capture
device(see below)
-High-speed internet connection
-Guaranteed upload bandwidth recommended

+More powerful computer configuration may
be needed to encode in HD resolutions

Also BlinkoTV is the solution I have installed for broadcasting.
Cata if your still around I have some q's for you...

I googled blinkotv and I think I found the website of the product you were talking about. I saw the demo's pages and looked at the two surveillance streams that were going there and they looked pretty good quality. What camera are you using to stream your media? I do not want to purchase a $3000+ camera, but the quality does look pretty good on that website.

Im not too tech savy but I have a regular Comcast cable modem for internet. Is this a good choice for streaming media?

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