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Default Re: Want to buy home theater seats..

Originally Posted by Largine View Post
Hi all,

I want to buy Berkline 090 home theater seating, Where can I get the best price? can any one provide me this information? i need this as soon as possible.

Thank you.
I have bought here for other items, and have never had any problems.

The 090 was the last row of seating I bought about 3 years ago, and I paid a bit more than the current asking price.
I bought from a local store, that is now out of business.

Also, Berkline will stand behind their products if you ever run into any problems, even if the store you bought from is out of business. My first row that I bought about 2 years previous to the last row had a faulty controller that was past warranty, and Berkline replaced it for not much more than the shipping costs.

They were also the most comfortable of all the brands both times I was buying.

The pic shows both rows. The closest row is the oldest.

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