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Default PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV System

Cambridge, Ontario, May 1, 2009…….Canadian manufacturer PurePower opened it’s doors 5 years ago with a unique idea. Instead of simply putting a band-aide on dirty, unstable power from the local power utility, as virtually all the other power conditioners did, they would throw it out and start from scratch, create brand new electricity “isolated from the grid”. This idea, to “regenerate” new electricity was nothing new to them. As power quality management experts in the commercial and industrial sectors, they knew first hand that hospitals, labs, and precision manufacturers worldwide needed battery-grade reference power, de-coupled from the local power company, running perfectly 24/7/365. When the electricity must be perfect, on-site regeneration is the solution. PurePower was born to meet that need for audiophiles and videophiles whose investment in their AV systems justifies the same kind of effort and cost.

Several months ago, PurePower began shipping its most powerful regenerator, the Model 2000. The Model 2000, MSRP of $2995, outputs over 2000 watts of perfect, isolated, battery reference power Also in the line are the lower powered Model 1050 featuring 1500 watts at $2495 MSRP and the entry level Model 700, producing 1000 watts at $1795 MSRP. Model 2000 has 10 receptacles, the 1050 and 700 have 8. Export models are supplied with a dozen different kinds of country specific receptacles.

From company headquarters in the historic city of Cambridge Ontario, company founder and president Damian Janzen said “ owner’s of high end AV gear know their systems can’t reach their full performance potential if the inbound power is unstable, noisy, and distorted. PurePower products convert the inbound AC from the local service provider to DC, removing all the noise and distortion in the process, before creating a brand new AC voltage sine wave, augmented by it’s own internal battery system. The battery system provides total isolation from the local power grid, so that the very common voltage sags, surges, and transients can’t affect the AV system, even in a blackout”.

Without clean, stable voltage and instantaneous current on demand, AV systems can’t sound and look like they were designed to. The improvements in system dynamics are stunning, and well documented by reviews from consumers, dealers, and audio journalists at the PurePower website,

To find out more about the power quality management of your own system, please make use of PurePower’s Free Power Audit, a unique service that provides consumers with important information about how much electricity their system consumes, and how to get the performance they paid for from those systems.

Interested parties should contact Bob Rapoport at 727-866-0799, or Richard Janzen, 519-624-9735, for more information.

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