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Default Re: How to Design a Video or Audio Product

Originally Posted by PalmHarbor View Post
Here are the guide lines that most mfg. have followed to the anger of most buyers:

1) Make sure the lettering of labels is difficult at best to read. Use a no.1 font. Avoid black on white...too easy to read.
Try soft gray on black.
2) HIde the on off switch especially on LCD and DLP televisions...make the buyer hunt for it in the dark.
3)Put so many f___king buttons on the remote that the consumer is confused at best. Make sure you invent icons
to ID those buttons.
4)Make inputs and outputs "assignable"...that always drive the customers nuts trying to program it.
5)Make the remote small so the customer can easily lose it.
6)Make everything menu driven and re-write the english language to confuse the customers.
7)Make sure tech support is in India, Vietnam or other exotic place where English is a third language.
8) Train tech support people say to each caller " this is the first time I have heard of this problem"
9)Build the product in a Chinese factory that has a 80% turnover of personnel each month so quality control
is null and void.
10) Write the manual in 4 languages with each language on each page....make sure you do not include
trouble shooting information as there is no trouble to mention.
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