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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Originally Posted by Mitchell Erblich View Post
Personally, I don't understand the use of a UPS for a stereo and/or AV setup. When a power failure years ago could corrupt a computer disk, it almost made sense. Still IMO, it was a 1/100 chance. Yes, I do believe with the cost of some systems that are close to 6 digits ($100k) or more a unit telling me about under voltage maybe helpful. But I don't know of any Mark Levinson, Krell, etc company that sells amps SUGGEST you plugging one of their monsters into a UPS. I actually think Krell tells you NOT to. Thus, IMO maybe a Furman telling you about voltage and not pluging in a amp (maybe minimal stuff) and getting in a electrical person to install a dedicated electrical line with a decent ground would give you 10x of any performance increase could give you than with a UPS.
Speaking of power amps, I agree with you. Most UPS units will not have enough power ratings for that class of audio amps. I use the surge outlets for amps. HDTVs and DVRs is another matter, the V part of A/V. Projectors and DLP HDTVs that have high wattage lamps can benefit from a UPS to allow the cool down fan to continue to run. DVRs and satellite receivers benefit due to the boot time required for these units. A power blip can mean you don't watch TV for quite a while during the re-boot period.
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