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Default Pulling the Plug on Plasma?

In a story from, Dan Costa takes a look at the increasing number of manufacturers abandoning plasma HDTVs
It is an old story. A superior technology that offers higher quality, an enhanced user experience, and better value gets killed off by a technologically inferior rival. VHS killed Betamax. Plain old CDs outlasted Super Audio CDs. Vista wiped out Mac OS X. Wait. There are exceptions to the rule. Still, there's every reason to think it's happening again.

Complete Story

The largest issues up until recently has been the reflection and burn in. Proponents like to minimize these issues, but many people are not buying the arguments.

Now in the past few months the issue of power consumption has come into play with legislation even contemplated. The plasma proponents try to tell everyone that the tests done to determine the power per sq. in are faulty, but unless they can convince everyone, their reasoning is falling on deaf ears, at least so far.

Meanwhile the manufacturers are caught in a bind over all of this. Seems like the path of least resistance is to abandon plasma in favor of different display technology.
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