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Amen!! to no mp3's.
I have never, nor intend to ever, download music.
As far as SACD and DVD-A, I had a Denon DVD-2900, an excellent player, from all reviews, and SACD and DVD-A sounded great.
I always liked the sound I got from tht player and format.
But, I replaced the player with a Panasonic BD-55, Blu-ray, without SACD/DVD-A.
A thought..
Sony, the inventor of SACD, has abandoned it, while LP sales, according to industry tracking records, have almost increased 100% last year, and growing by leaps and bounds, while CD sales are dropping fast.
DVD-A is dead, by all accounts, as will SACD, in a matter of time.
I saw Shelby Lynne on CBS's Evening News talking about her new album, recorded all analog, live with her band, "With A Little Lovin", an excellent record, by the way, musically and sonically, and after the discussion on why she wanted it to be on LP, the sonics and "rightness" of it all, she looked at Katie Couric, with LP in hand, and said "and look how big my picture is!!"
"Let's see 'em try and download this"!
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