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I am 59 years old this year, and have been listening to music on vinyl most of those years.
I have a great CD playback system, which I enjoy immensely, a Cambridge Audio 640cv2.
My vinyl system consists of an LP-12 fitted with the Grace 909 tonearm (long discontinued), a Sumiko BPS EVO2, feeding a ProJect Tube Box into an Onkyo Pre-Pro(line in)SC-885, into a Jolida tube amp for my main channels.
Vinyl, to me, sounds more open and enjoyable, as it seems to convery something to me a CD cannot. It has a sonic "rightness" to it, something elusive with CD. A large part of the experience is the work involved to listen, and makes me to do something to get that experience: cleaning, adjusting, etc.
I have read it's the "barbeque of music", as getting there is as important as the result.
The LP's flaws, and they are there, can be called disengaged from the music, and put aside, while the flaws of CD (they are there, as well) seem to be integrated into the thread of the music, embedded forever.
I immensely enjoy playing records, and will continue to do so till my last day.
So, all my vinyl friends, growing leaps and bounds, yearly, "Enjoy"!
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