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Default I choked on getting Quiet Rock for my theater

When working on my theater's acoustics with acoustician Bob Hodas, Tim Duffy and Chris Hansen from Simply Home and a little with Kevin Voecks from Revel - I choked on getting the quiet rock.

It seemed like a REALLY good idea but my contractor had it bid out with all of the goodies at 3x the cost of standard drywall. Considering, my theater was going to be only really effecting the master bedroom - I went cheap (for once in my life!!!)

The effect is even with RPG treatments, plenty of "spun glass", Modex plates and other acoustic goodies - the system leaks a pretty good amount of audio energy into the rest of the house. For my wife and I - its no big deal.

If you are worried about being able to CRANK in your room - look into this quiet rock. Its pretty cool!!!
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