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Default PM Question from mahdlokg

Originally Posted by mahdlokg
Living in the Houston area, I am sure you are familiar with relatively frequent brownouts, blackouts and/or surges. At least where we live we do. We had 3-4 outages in the past week during the rain. Are you using a UPS AND a regenerator? Also, I've always heard you never plud your power amp into a UPS or surge protecter as it limits its output. Is that what you have experienced? What units do you use personally for a HT or audio system? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
I do use a UPS for my HT system, but not the amplifiers. I use the surge outlets on the UPS for the amplifiers due to the reasoning you stated. If you get a large enough UPS it could be used for amplifiers provided it was the Line-Interactive UPS. With those the line is just conditioned with the inverter only supplying power when the line power is off or dipped. I use the UPS for my DVR and other equipment.
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