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Default $1,000 in-ear headphones? Have I lost my mind....

I think I may have lost my mind. Only you can be the judge.

I just replaced my Etimotyic Research in-ear monitors with Ultimate Ears' top in-ear model called the UE10.

These are three way, custom ear molded in-ear speakers that are mainly used by artists on stage so they can a) protect their hearing on stage and b) get their own custom mix right into their heads.

Besides the investment of $1,000 for the pair (there are slightly cheaper ones too) you have to go get fitted for custom ear molds which I did as there is a VERY NICE woman who does a lot of Hollywood types just 1 block from our offices. Unfortuantely, UE made the fit too tight and we remade one of the ear molds so it fit more comfortably into my ears.

In comparison to my old system the UE setup has more actual earphone to provide more hearing protection. The 3 way system has WAY better bass. The downside so far (I JUST GOT THEM) is they are harder to get in and out of your ears than the old ones and I have yet to find a way to get the cables to hang right. They need to be tucked behind your ears and I find that to be a little odd. A major advantage is unlike the Etymotics, these UE in-ear monitors can have the cable replaced. I might need a longer one so I can run the cable down my back and stash my iPod in the treadmill at the gym.

For me, these speakers are a lifesaver. Imagine sitting on a plane and somebody's crying baby is going OFF - 25 dB less of it with 8000 of your best songs on your iPods is a welcomed refuge. At the gym, I might even crank these up too loud but when your headphones SOUND GOOD - it helps keep you motivated to keep going.

Another advantage for travel is the fact that they are small and light. My briefcase is REALLY heavy these days and the fact these weigh basically nothing is cool.

Many thanks to Ivy at Headroom for making the recomendation... They sell a TON of cool headphone related items.

What earphones do you use with your iPod? What's in your travel rig?
Jerry Del Colliano
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