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Default Re: def tec 7000/mythos st./paradigm s8

Originally Posted by tuningforks View Post
Thank-you so much for your reply!! I was wondering if anyone was going to reply. Here in northern Canada there's not alot of selection to listen to. I envy you that you not only have the 7000'sbut also the 7001's!! By the way, I have listened to the 7002's& MythosST's & thought they sounded very good. CAN you tell me is there a big difference in sound over the 7002 & the 7000. I'm aphone call away from ordering the7000's &JUST NEED A LITTLE reasurance that they are worth the investment..THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!!
I think the most important thing about these bipolar speakers is that they need SPACE - back, sides, ceiling. Gotta have 2 - 3 feet from the back and sides and higher ceilings are a plus. I have 15 ft ceiling. Face the Active subs towards each other, not to the walls.

I think the most important thing about any speaker is the clarity of sound on midrange and tweeters.

Second most important is the bass.

Third is the imaging.

I love my BP7000SCs. They have all these qualities.

I've listened to more expensive speakers (B&W 800Ds) and they don't sound as GOOD in my opinion.

My uncle (California) and brother (Colorado) recently visited me and listened to my BP7000 for the first time ever.

Both had the same comments.

The 1st impression was that the BP7000 sounded extremely CLEAR and REAL - like you are listening to a live concert.

The 2nd impression was that they had INCREDIBLE BASS.

The one thing DefTech haters will say (and there are plenty out there) is that they simply don't like the sound of DefTech speakers. I think bad room acoustics or speaker placement is the cause here.

The 2nd thing these haters will say is that the speaker cabinets have Resonance. So what? EVERY SINGLE speaker out there have resonance.

The final test is in your own home. If these speakers sound awesome to you, then that is all that matters.

The BP7000s sound awesome to me. Clear, dynamic, and powerful.

With the exception of some very expensive speakers out there, no speakers can touch the bass performance of the BP7000! Not even the $23K B&W 800D.

And in terms of Def Tech speakers, none are as great as the BP7000, not even the ST. The 7001 comes closer to matching the 7000 than the ST. But none can match the BP7000 in overall sound quality.

You can't compare the 7002 to the 7000

Good luck!
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