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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

I'm going to be a nay sayer on the 5.1 High Resolution format. I think that that ship has already sailed.

The 5.1 systems and more are home theater systems. The paradigm has changed from music listening for its own sake and enjoyment has benn left in the hands of a small group of people like ourselves.

The other crowd is the home entertainment group that is too tired from work and family responsibilites to go out to entertain themselves at movies or music shows. They want to be entertained at home in the recliner with the DVD or cable movie.

The focus is not on the music but the visual and auditory experience of the movie that simulates the theater with the conviences of home.

Microwaved popcorn and a pause control!!!

There maybe a market for the hi res format but I have to think that the record companies have excel spreadsheets with market share and profitabity projections that tell them that it isn't worth their time or investment for our piddling market segment.

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