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Default Re: Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic on SACD (mixed by James Guthrie)

This was a Q8 tape for me from Day 1, always heard that way. I don't think Guthrie departed much from the quad mix as a blueprint, I'll have to dig it out and listen again.

Rocks was announced for SACD and then pulled so that's laying around waiting for somebody with the testicular fortitude to release it.

Imagine if you will a time when Sony could have coordinated all the factors necessary to properly launch SACD instead of the stumble-bleep marketing they have applied scatter-shot over the years.

1. All SACD discs are hybrid at minimum
2. More 5.1 surround SACD titles (new or legacy quad)
3. car players (become available in 2007 - 3 years after they abandon format)
4. Tie-ins with vehicle mfg's never happened
5. TV ads - never happened

We all know what happened; at least we can still get something new like Genesis if we're willing to buy imports because stateside labels plead amnesia.
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