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Default Re: David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust on SACD gets 10 for performance and 8 for sound

Back on topic (ahem)...

The SACD could certainly be better but it doesn' harm the presentation of this classic as much as some say. I'm very GRATEFUL to have it! I want more but the timidity of the labels dictated that Tony Visconti's Young Americans 5.1 mix be relegated to a "DVD" as only a DD/DTS lossy offering.

Marketing for this is even worse as it is considered "Special Editioin with DVD" with no proper indication that the DVD is included as a home to house the 5.1mix. And people wonder why surround music formats have such a hard time.

I also own the stereo SACDs of Let's Dance and The Lodger that I'd love to replace with PROPER 5.1 mixes in either hi res format.
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