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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Originally Posted by stevign View Post

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I read the article and it's a good one, BUT......$2,495.00???? Even in a better economy I couldn't afford something like that, the one "I" mentioned is pushing it already. My question stands:

Do you or others here have any of these products around the same price that produce better sound quality when listening to music and better picture quality when watching TV that you can actually here and see?

With the understanding of the "law of diminishing returns " in mind, I asked my stereo guy will I audibly be able to hear a difference without having to set in a dark room late at night with total concentration while listening to a cd? lolol..... his answer was yes. I do understand the need for protection, but still......

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Personally, I use a UPS. If you get one that outputs a sign wave they are designed for A/V use. The link I referenced in that thread discussed the various type of UPS units available: Power Conditioners vs. UPS
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