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Question RBH T-2 feedback request

My friends own a shop and have a demo set of RBH T-2's they'll sell me, along with a T-1 center channel. Also a Sunfire TGR3 receiver. $5k is their price.

I own an Acurus Act3 upgraded to Aragon 7.1 specs. I've had trouble with getting it to play in the right mode off and on. I've been on the road the last year and haven't used it at all. I also have an Acurus A150 amp and an Aragon 8008x3, which I must have blown a fuse on as it wasn't powering up last time I tried. Three pairs of Snell speakers CV, EIV and J-3. Love them all. The C's/E's, have blown driver(s) needing and will get replacement. Wondering if this is a good chance to upgrade for the very long-term.

The Snell C's are awesome, but of course the RBH's are killer and can deliver all I've wanted for bass and clarity and more. The Sunfire would likely be a good piece to own, but I'm thinking the price may still be high for the whole package. And that model is already somewhat outdated for HD switching, etc. Thinking RBH MW24's for rear channel wall-mounts whether or not I go for the mentioned deal.

Is owning T-2 ass-kicking fronts and center a buying opportunity that shouldn't be passed up? I'm in a relatively small apt. and the living room isn't huge, but decent. I read a review saying those speakers for sure need breathing room. I'll likely be back in a house within 2 years. I suppose some other asskicking speakers could be available cheap then, but these really have me thinking. Keeping in mind, even the Snell J's sound great in here right now and put out decent bass. Just obviously no comparing the T-2's to smaller towers. If I don't opt for the deal, I'm going to get my current equipment back up to par as everything had been down for a long time. Right now I have the Acurus amp and J's, they sound good. Likely picking up a PS3 soon for my cd/dvd needs and a Monster power center of some kind. Thanks
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