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I assure you I am not confused. I know the phenomenon very well and I was not saying LCDs don't have motion blur, or probably more accurate pixel response blur. I was saying I don't notice it on my LCD and the only blur I have noticed is that which I described.

But for others reading I suppose it is a good reference for them if they are curious. But be forewarned, if you get to know too much about a given artifact or fault to the point where it becomes noticeable, you will see it forever. I know several people who had DLPs for several months and never saw the rainbow until they read about the rainbow effect and how to cause it, from then on they saw rainbows from time to time. Not that I don't think learning about artifacts is a bad thing as I have covered them on my blog, just be prepared to ruin a viewing experience should you delve into it too far.

btw I just added this link to that thread: Motion Blur
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