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I must disagree with those who think newer LCD's are as good as plasmas. On a large screen, plasmas, by far, provide the best quality and overal value for your money. The biggest drawbacks of LCD's remain extremely poor black levels (which means you can't see any detail in darker areas of the screen) and motion blur in action sequences. Despite faster response times and refresh rates, motion blur remains a very serious problem for LCD panels; it is particularly noticeable in sports broadcasts. Locally dimmable LED backlighting may one day improve black levels; but this technology is still new and suffers from its own problems such as haloing effects and other video aberations. Besides LED backlit LCD's cost much more than a comparable sized plasma panel. Why pay much more for an inferior product when for much less you can get a plasma with none of these problems? The so called "drawbacks" of plasmas are greatly exaggerated. Modern plasmas do not suffer from "burn-in" problems, and are bright enough for even the most well-lit rooms. For me there is only one reasonable option with the current state of LCD technology, and that is a plasma.
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