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Cool Re: lcd vs. plasma

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Why are people so concerned with the thickness of their big screen HDTV?

Just look back at the old CRT's they were 24 inches deep and weighed a ton.

HDTV thickness is just a marketing ploy foisted on the consumers.

Who cares if a HDTV is 1.5 inches thick or 4 inches thick? It really doesn't matter if you're putting it
on top of a credenza or putting it on a wall. It's still significantly thinner that the old CRT!! Especially, if you're putting in the same space as the old CRT or DLP.

What they should be focusing on is picture and sound quality.

Plasma HDTV still have the edge in a side by side comparison. No artifact crawl, better color, better black and wider viewing angles.


You're right, of course. Thickness is not the end all. It is an impressive sign of what can be acheived. And the panels are lighter, making them less likely to break and easier to move around. I know my living room looks so much better with my 52" LCD on a mount than when i had a 36" crt that felt "dominating".

And you're right that a new 2009 Panny Plasma will still have nicer PQ than 2009 Panny LCD. Or than anything short of a KURO.

But from what I saw at CES, they're coming close. The thickness is just an example of where technology is taking us. Certainly there are advantages to today's LCD's:

1) they weight less
2) no glare concerns
3) no issues with burn-in or IR

But for pure scinematography, there is no beating a high-end Sammy/Panny Plasma. Not Yet! I see LED backlight LCD's converging soon. And I see OLED's dominating (but that could be another five years out).
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