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Default Re: Amazon is having another Blu-ray sale.

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
It doesn't seem to be much of a sale to me. And, there doesn't seem to be much of a selection either. Just the same tired titles Amazon had over the Christmas season.
The key is to act on GOOD sales and skip the Amazon game-playing. Amazon has good sales 50% off have to watch closely.

Warner Hove video just had 20% off + Free Shipping PLUS buy 2 get one free. That's Being There, Pan's Labarynth and Twilight Zone the Movie for 14.40 a piece.

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Plus, most of the prices are in the mid to high $20.00 range. I think their pricing policy is inhibiting blu ray sales.
You need to get out more; check my post above about under $20 and checking!

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
And, I don't think the movies studios and blu ray manufacturers have done a good job of differentiating blu ray from dvd.
That's silly; every Disney ad mentions BluRay FIRST: Bolt and other releases are coming out on BluRay prior to DVD. Granted, they are fighting to teach people that upconverted DVD is not the same thing...

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
This is looking like SACD all over again.
That's ridiculous! BluRay is mentioned on TV, is splashed all over the ads and there is a high degree of awareness. I own and love SACD and to this day people don't know about SACD or DVD-A or understand what multi-channel audio is all about. You NEVER EVER heard or saw SACD on TV.

The industry sales figures for household penetration are actually quite good for this period in a new format's life;look them up and end this cycle of sour grapes.
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